By Zoe Smith Ever wondered what it would be like to be a beautiful and brilliant 29 year old forever? To be able to escape the fearful reality of aging and inevitable death. Fantastic, right? Maybe not so. In The Age of Adaline, immortality is explored and exploited excellently. It is a moving and magnificent […]

Wonka’s Winterland Frosted over, the handle consumes you with a numbing touch. The opening door nudges against a bank of what looks like snow but has an mouth-watering aroma of creamy goodness. Instantly, a raging gust of sweet spices and refined sugar smack you in the face. Stepping into the majestic room you glance up […]

Glaring eyes drill into me from a uncomfortable 4 metres. Motivated by terror, I stumble up backwards off the ground in world record of 0.2 seconds. It’s eyes glazed over with hunger, fury and resilience, showing no signs of mercy.

 CLASSY – Purposefully she glides through the crowd with her head held high and a look of distinction across her face. Designer boots whip the paved path with such a force of grace she’s floating. A meticulous spring in her stride secures her spot of sophistication in the hierarchy of socialites.  TEMPTING – A fragrance […]

long street , smell of bakery, busker music, many shop signs, busy ish but enough space to walk. old brick building, dim glow, full size thick glass, modern but old, homey feel cursive writing on window, sweets and pastries, elegant but comfortable, flour, shelves of bread loaf of bread, ombre of brown yellow and orange, […]

Perched above the bustling streets sit the dictators of business. Between the monstrous high rises, my tiny figure stands.  On the cracked and worn pavement I situate myself where millions of feet stampede through daily like hefty-footed horses. As I adjust to the scene the blaring voices become a vague drone in the background. Under […]

After dusk and before dawn, the milky way screaming gracefully at oneself. An arctic breeze whispers softly in the witching hour.   A faint melody sung by leaves brushing against themselves and the plants merely persuading the crisp air to give mercy. The time of shady hustle and bustle in the streets of crime, when the mobsters […]

Explain how Shakespeare explores the idea of ‘fate’ in Romeo and Juliet through his use of language and/or literary devices.  THE FATE OF ROMEO AND JULIET through literacy/language devices. Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare is acutely significant to literature today as it signified the beginning of the theme of fate and love at first sight. […]

A woman’s place is in the kitchen. In the 21st century that we live in it is shocking that sexism such as the statement ‘a woman’s place is in the kitchen’ still is heard today. No woman should be ever be fixed to an idea that they belong in the ‘kitchen’. The reason our society […]

“Oh God, I have an ill-divining soul!” This quote alone is referring to Juliet saying that she has a mind (soul), that predicts bad things for the future(ill-divining). Ill-divining is a word used by Shakespear, spoken by Juliet, and broken down translates to;  Ill is associated with sickness, darkness and death, whilst divining is having […]