12th June 2018

Prepositional writing

Perched above the bustling streets sit the dictators of business. Between the monstrous high rises, my tiny figure stands.  On the cracked and worn pavement I situate myself where millions of feet stampede through daily like hefty-footed horses. As I adjust to the scene the blaring voices become a vague drone in the background. Under my nose a whiff of something delicious and stale coffee hover. After I’ve established that the delightful smell is a pretzel the size of a car tire, I expertly slither through the crowd towards this humble delicacy. On top of the stand I see a brightly illuminated sign with bulbs like shooting stars, the sight takes me by surprise and suddenly I’m in a daze. Beneath my feet the surface is jelly, I’m hopelessly out of control and a swelling bump in the path catches my foot.

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