19th June 2018

Show no Tell

 CLASSY – Purposefully she glides through the crowd with her head held high and a look of distinction across her face. Designer boots whip the paved path with such a force of grace she’s floating. A meticulous spring in her stride secures her spot of sophistication in the hierarchy of socialites.

 TEMPTING – A fragrance of salty, sweet fatty goodness jumpstarts my senses as it wanders . Curled up in my snug sheets, barely keeping my eyes open, I struggle to comprehend the idea of physically moving like a bear in hibernation. An aroma that melts in my mouth puts me in a life changing dilemma where you have to choose between a life of humble happiness or dishonest dealings. I imagine the bittersweet flavours dancing inside my salivating mouth, as I gaze with eagle eyes longingly down the narrow hallway where the magic is happening.The clanging of pots beckon me, I gulp with guilt as I am a child being given candy, there is no denying the spell I’m under while I stroke the handle sceptically.

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